The Dark Side of the Moon 1998-2003: Observing America (Volume 1)

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Book by Jim Freeman
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About the 1998-2003 Book
(Volume 1 of the 5 Volume Series)  

This first 1998-2003 segment of The Dark Side of the Moon moves from the death of Princess Diana to Shock and Awe, the years that led America from its version of a fairy-tale princess to what Saddam Hussein would have called ‘the mother of all fairy-tales.’

What else was going on when Bill Clinton took time away from balancing the budget and paying down the debt to embarrass his family and supporters? Much of the writing on the wall for what was to come appeared before 9-11? What were the scattered concerns of the nation while all that war-planning was going on from an undisclosed location?  The Dark Side of the Moon brings context to those events.

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