A Note to Anyone in Charge of Hiring

It’s nasty, time consuming work, with companies over-specifying what they need and applicants over-promising their skills. That sets up way too many useless interviews and a huge waste of resources while the job remains unfilled.

We’ll pay you a decent wage, along with the best benefit package we can afford and try to keep you happy. You give us your best shot at doing good work.”

Wouldn’t that be refreshing?

Actually, it’s quite possible. HR (or whoever) would have to add a (very) brief job description. “Looking for someone to keep our books, fill a sales position or work with our engineering team designing hydraulic lift units.”

But for god’s sake, name a salary range. Countless applications and interviews fail because the company wants to hire low and the applicant hopes to be hired high. Get all that nonsense out of the way so both parties can get down to the ‘happiness and good work’ part.